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  • UTS broadband internet and Chippie mobile service will be temporarily interrupted due to planned maintenance at 1.00 am on June 30 2020.
  • UTS websites will be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled server maintenance this weekend from Friday, June 12 11.00 PM to Sunday, June 14 11.59 PM
  • It's the start or the 2020 storm season & preparation is key to securing your internet service. Your wireless internet antenna belongs to you. Add safeguarding your equipment to your pre-storm checklist to bounce back as quickly as possible after a storm.
  • In light of the latest developments concerning the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), and mindful of the importance of being connected at this time, we have activated our Virtual Retail Store as a safe and secure option for our customers. Our Virtual Store will allow customers to transact sales requests as well as address service queries.
  • We are facing an unprecedented situation with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). With the global spread of the virus, social distancing is being emphasized and enforced around the world; including by our local authorities. Based on government directive we have closed our UTS stores effective April 1.