Chippie Company

Yes, The Chippie Company requires a 2-years contract.

Chippie Company is available for both Postpaid and Prepaid Chippie Customers.

Your employees can individually choose 5 numbers (outside the existing Calling circle) which they can call free of charge.

  • A business that is registered at the Chamber of Commerce;
  • At least five (5) employees that you want to include into the packages;
  • A deposit.

The minimum quantity of employees required for this service is five (5).

Chippie Company is a Closed User Group (CUG) specially designed for companies, in which all their employees can call each other unlimited for Free.

  • Your operational costs regarding calls will drop noticeably.
  • Better communication between your employees with no barrier;
  • Numbers of other branches located within Chippie Land can also be included;
  • Free Chippie Company phones.


3G+ Mobile Internet

We also offer mobile internet to many of our customers using 3G+ service. Our 3G+ mobile internet is based on a different type of technology, allowing you high-speed access to the internet that far exceeds the speeds of GPRS and EDGE service. Not all smartphones have 4G LTE technology. Many of these are still able to use mobile data using HSDPA technology, also knows as 3G+ technology. We offer this technology to complement our 4G LTE service, for those customers that do not have 4G LTE capable smartphones.

The 3G+ mobile internet can reach a maximum of almost 7.2 Mbps

In the event that your 4G LTE signal drops because you temporarily leave the coverage area, your phone will automatically look for the next fastest available signal, which is our 3G+ network. This will then show as a 3G or H on your phone status bar. 

The UTS 3G mobile internet costs the same as our 4G LTE mobile internet. The same prices and data capacities apply and you are also able to use it anywhere on the Chippie mobile network.


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