Telecoms Mini MBA

Developing and aligning competencies for organisational success

4-8 April 2016, St Maarten

The rapidly changing telco business landscape is increasingly impacting Telco's, their customers and their strategy. Those working in the industry must understand the market at a country and industry level to ensure that their product, marketing, and sales strategies are aligned exactly to customer requirements. To provide this insight, consider attending the Telecoms Mini MBA.

The Telecoms Mini MBA has been attended by over 7,500 industry professionals from a multitude of organisations from across the communications industry. It is highly participative, focusing on real business, technology and industry issues, It is designed to give you a critical understanding of the key competency areas required for success within the communications industry – enabling you to make more informed and commercially viable strategic decisions.

Successful completion of the programme will bring the following 10 benefits:

  1. Build value and greater efficiency within your organisation through greater innovation
  2. Practically apply and implement best practice within your own business
  3. Impact strategic debate at senior level
  4. Contribute more actively to strategic, technology, financial, management and marketing decisions
  5. Identify key technologies and fully recognise their impact including limitations, capabilities, implementation options and business opportunities
  6. Develop new business models and competitive advantage in order to maximise profit and return on investment
  7. Evaluate and critically appraise your organisation’s position in the market and potential future growth strategies
  8. Discuss with confidence current and emerging dynamics of the telecoms market
  9. Effectively communicate confidently complex ideas to ensure consistency throughout the organisation
  10. Confidently develop strategic business opportunities and make better investment choices

“Extremely good, learnt a lot of new stuff. The business simulation is good to bring it all together and great for team building” RH, Cisco

If you would like more information on the programmes suitability and coverage please contact us