Black Friday: $800 in cash prizes to be won!

We are approaching the end of the year. And that means that it's time to .... SHOP! That's right, WIN cash for Black Friday shopping with Chippie!

Activate a plan

How to participate to WIN?

Participating to win is easy:

  • Top up at least $10 OR
  • Activate a 10-day or 30-day Data only plan OR
  • Activate any 30-day 3-in-1 bundle
... and that's it! You now automatically enter our raffle to WIN!

Top-up options Data-only plans 3-in-1 Bundles

  • Campaign Terms & Conditions

    1. GENERAL

    • These terms and conditions are applicable to the United Telecommunication Services Sint Maarten N.V. ‘UTS’) promotional campaign called ‘November and Black Friday Prizes (further: ‘this Campaign’)which will be held on St. Maarten from November 3rd up to including November 20th , 2020 (‘the Campaign Term’).
    • Participants in this Campaign (‘Participants’) are natural persons who have been issued a UTS prepaid Pay-go mobile number (‘Chippie number’).
    • UTS personnel can only participate in this Campaign if they themselves are purchasing without being fully compensated by their employer for the cost of the call credit.


    1. Chippie prepaid subscribers will have the opportunity to participate in the Campaign, by activating one of the data plans: 3gvp 10d, 4gvp 30d, BS, BM, BL or BXL. Prepaid subscribers that recharge a minimum amount of $10 will also participate.
    2. Participant can reload the Chippie Number by using the reload possibilities such as scratch cards, e vouchers, e-pins, reload via online banking, reload via Bankomatiko or SMS, direct reload in the store by a representative and reload with Fun miles.


    1. During the Campaign Term there are daily campaign raffles from November 16th till November 23rd 2020 and on November 20th. On each Daily raffle 1 Chippie number that activated one of the data plans: 3gvp 10d, 4gvp 30d, BS, BM, BL or BXL. or recharged a minimum amount of $10 will be draw electronically from the Participants during the Campaign Term.
    2. Chippie numbers that have not recharged a minimum amount of $10 and Chippie numbers that have recharged a total of $10, split over various smaller recharge amounts are not eligible to participate.
    3. Chippie prepaid customers of St Maarten will participate in the raffle.
    4. The prizes to be won are stipulated in article 4.


    Daily prizes:
    Winners to be selected and announced daily from November 16th to November 20th: 1X per day the BL 3-in-1 Data Bundle or 4GVP 30D data only plan, depending on the product offer attached to the winners’ prepaid Chippie number. Black Friday prizes
    Black Friday prize winners to be selected on November 20th:
    • 1 winner USD 75,-
    • 1 Winner USD 75,-
    • 2 winners USD 125,-
    • 2 winners USD 200,-.


    1. a. The Chippie number of the winners in the Daily Campaign Raffles will be published on the UTS Facebook page at
      • November 23rd = 1 winner USD 75,-
      • November 24th = 1 winner USD 75,-
      • November 25th = 2 winners USD 125,-
      • November 26th = 2 winners USD 200,-
    2. Winners of the Weekly Campaign raffles can make an appointment to collect the prize at the UTS store before December 1st.
    3. If the winner is unreachable or unable to collect the prize within 14 days after this has been announced on the UTS social media, a new winner will be draw electronically from the participants eligible to participate in the Campaign.


    By accepting the Prize, the winner irrevocably waives any and all intellectual property rights arising from or in relation with any photographic or video object, image, recording or product – in part or in full - arising from the Production, and the winner irrevocably grants UTS the rights of usage and distribution of the Production, or parts thereof, through any media during twenty (20) years, starting on the date the Prize is awarded, without the winner becoming entitled to any compensation for such use or distribution.


    1. If for any reason, the Campaign proves impossible to be run as planned because of circumstances including, but not limited to, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes, which, in UTS’ sole judgment, corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Campaign, UTS reserves the right - in its sole discretion - to decide on any issue in fairness, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Campaign and to select the winners from entries received prior to such event or interruption. UTS may disqualify any Participant who tampers with the entry process or operation of the Campaign or acts in breach with the letter and/or true purpose of these terms and conditions.
    2. A right to be granted a prize obtained in this Campaign cannot be transferred to another person, exchanged or redeemed for cash.
    3. Each winner in this Campaign must, at the time of his or her collection of a prize won under this Campaign:
      1. Properly identify himself/herself and be in possession of a valid identification card, passport or driver’s license.
      2. Have in his/her possession the mobile equipment with the Chippie number.
    4. In case a winner is younger than 18 years, he or she shall be accompanied by at least one parent, or legal custodian in the possession of a valid identification document which must be presented at the collection of a prize.
    5. For all cases in which these terms and conditions do not fully provide adequate stipulations UTS shall seek reasonable solutions therein weighing its own interests and Participants’ interests.
    6. All decisions of UTS under these terms and conditions shall be final and binding to all persons participating in this Campaign.
    7. A copy of these terms and conditions can be obtained from UTS upon request and without charge.