PMP 450 wireless broadband internet by UTS @ Home is available in select neighborhoods. Our state-of-the-art wireless network provides you access to the island’s fastest wireless broadband internet network. No phone lines, no fuss, no hidden fees and very flexible.

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Our 15 MBPS PMP 450 wireless internet plan is available at select locations, offering state-of-the-art wireless broadband internet service. This plan offers a download speed of 15 megabytes per second and upload speed of 5 megabytes per second. Our carefully managed wireless network infrastructure will provide you with the fastest wireless broadband internet speeds available in St Maarten. This is the highest speed we currently offer with our PMP 450 wireless technology.

EQUIPMENT, LABOR & MATERIAL COSTS: $ 285.00                 

PMP450 – Wireless Internet Equipment*
20Mbps Radio (Antenna)
Heavy Duty Wall Mount
110V Power Supply
*additional equipment may apply based on site survey

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Monthly Recurring fee: