4G LTE mobile internet

LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution” and is the next level of wireless data technology after 3G.In short; LTE is a technical process for high speed data for mobile devices

LTE is designed to reduce the time it takes to transfer and receive data online, giving you faster speeds and an overall better internet experience.

With LTE you will definitely notice a difference when you're gaming, streaming, downloading and surfing as this will be 2x faster as the current technology on the island.

With Chippie 4G LTE your data experience goes to another level by providing you with the fastest mobile data connection available on the island.

Download, stream and surf 2x faster in the palm of your hands with:

  • a download speed up to 16Mbps and
  • an upload speed up to 3Mpbs

With LTE you have the following benefits:

  • Faster downloads and uploads of video, music, pictures. Save time in everything you do on your mobile device as LTE is 2x faster.
  • Faster response on your applications. LTE is a simpler technology, therefore you will have a faster response on all your applications.
  • High data speeds while on the go! With the LTE plan you can watch high definition videos or listen to high quality music.

In order to be able to get LTE you will need the following:

  • An LTE Device: You will need a LTE smartphone that supports the following networks 2G: 900Mhz/1800Mhz / 3G/4G: 850Mhz/2100Mhz / LTE: 1800 MHz band 3. See devices for more information.
  • A 3G+/4G LTE capable UTS SIM: In case you don’t have a sim, this can be purchased at one of the UTS Stores.

Customers with a 3G+/4G LTE capable SIM don’t need to change their SIM I order to be able to activate LTE. Customers that are still using an older 2G UTS SIM, must swap their sim for a 4G UTS SIM.

4G LTE mobile internet is the standard data service provided as part of our prepaid or postpaid 3-in-1 bundle packages

No, all our data plans are open for anything that the customer wants to use data for. Meaning that we don’t restrict our data user by blocking certain apps. In this case, the LTE data you are receiving are also not restricted for any apps.

When you are in an area that has LTE coverage with an LTE device and with an active data plan, you will see 'LTE' appear next to the signal bars at the top of your screen. Some other phones models, such as the Samsung S5, display 4G.

No, you will not always be connected to LTE as this depends on your location on the island and if there is LTE coverage available in that area. You might notice that your device is switching between EDGE, 3G/H and LTE as you move around.

The indicated download and upload speed are up to maximums. The speed depends on your mobile device, coverage of LTE, traffic on the internet, and the number of users close to a network base station.

If you have LTE data, you can continue making calls and sending SMS without any interruptions.

The customer should be in the possession of an LTE smartphone and/or a device that is compatible with our network. The frequencies of the device compatible with our network is:

  • 2G: 900mhz/ 1900mhz
  • 3G+: 850 mhz/ 2100mhz
  • 4G LTE: 1800 mhz


  • Many phone manufacturers produce 3G and LTE versions of the same model. Make sure that you go for a smartphone device with the right bands.
  • Make sure that you have the latest firmware.
  • Make sure you have the latest OS upgrade installed on your device

If you have not previously used our mobile internet, you will have to configue the APN setting in your phone. You can usually find this in the 'mobile networks' section of your phone settings. in the APN field you mist enter the word 'premium' and leave the username and password fields empty.

If you were already using our 3G+ mobile internet, you should already have the correct settings configured in your phone. You won’t have to do any additional configuration to get LTE on your device. You just need to activate a data plan on your 4G LTE capable phone.


You will be able to continue using your mobile internet service however you will be charged a flat fee per Megabyte ($ 0.20 per MB). On your prepaid account this will be deducted from your prepaid credit. for a postpaid account, these charges will be added to your monthly bill.
You can also activate an add-on bundle for mobile internet which will offer you additional savings compared to the flat fee per Megabyte.

You van send an SMS with keyword BUNDLE VAL and you will receive a message confirming your remaining mobile internet, minutes & SMS messages and your bundle expiration date. For a postpaid account, send this messge to 5454. If you have a prepaid account, send to 3636. 

3G+ Mobile Internet

We also offer mobile internet to many of our customers using 3G+ service. Our 3G+ mobile internet is based on a different type of technology, allowing you high-speed access to the internet that far exceeds the speeds of GPRS and EDGE service. Not all smartphones have 4G LTE technology. Many of these are still able to use mobile data using HSDPA technology, also knows as 3G+ technology. We offer this technology to complement our 4G LTE service, for those customers that do not have 4G LTE capable smartphones.

The 3G+ mobile internet can reach a maximum of almost 7.2 Mbps

In the event that your 4G LTE signal drops because you temporarily leave the coverage area, your phone will automatically look for the next fastest available signal, which is our 3G+ network. This will then show as a 3G or H on your phone status bar. 

The UTS 3G mobile internet is available under the same packages as our 4G LTE mobile internet/ The same prices and data bundle capacities apply and you are also able to use it anywhere on the Chippie mobile network.


Postpaid Billing

The over usage rate for mobile intenet is $0.20 per MB. UTS will bill for all the 4G+ data usage that is over the amount included in your 3-in-1 bundle package. Depending on the quota of your 4G Data package, you will be charged the over usage rate for any additional MB outside your Quota.

You can send an SMS with keyword BUNDLE VAL to 5454 to get an automatic message with the remaining balances of your bundle. You can check your total balance on your bill by sending your contract number to 1122. These two tools will help you to stay informed of your bill as the month passes.on top of your spending.

The over usage will be billed on the next invoice. The over usage will be billed as follows: $0.20 x Quantity of MB’s outside the package.


Mobile (General + Voicemail)

Few things can make people completely freak out as losing their cellphones. In this modern age Smartphones are used for so much more than just making phone calls. Just the thought of a stranger having access to all of your personal information, is unthinkable. Follow these guidelines to possibly finding your phone in case you are in such a situation.

In case your postpaid phone has been stolen make sure you hurry to one of our UTS stores to fill out a form so we can block your subscription. This prevents you from high bills due to misuse. In case your phone has been stolen after opening hours you also contact us at +1721 5881010 during weekdays until 8pm and on Saturdays until 6pm. 

If you do not use the complete amount of your call credit from your GSM Chippie Prepaid account and the account reaches its expiry period, you can no longer make calls. You must recharge your phone to keep making calls. You do not lose the expired amount if you rechage within 30 days of the expiry date. If you do not recharge within this timeframe, your account will become deactivated and you will lose your prepaid number and the credit on the prepaid account.

When you use all your credit (available balance) from your prepaid account, you cannot make phone calls anymore. In order to make phone calls again, you must recharge your account

A Prepaid Card is a voucher you buy with which you can recharge your prepaid mobile account. Oncee you have loaded the card to your prepaid account you can make calls using your mobile phone.  Chippie Prepaid Cards are widely available, at denominations of $5, $10, and $20. Once uploaded on your Chippie mobile phone, your credit has 30-day validity.

To access the main menu of your prepaid account, you must: dial * 91 (star 91) or   #191# send

To hear your balance:

Call *91 (star 91) 

Press 1 

To see your balance:

#191# send

A PUK Code is an 8 digit code that you must use to unblock your phone. A phone is blocked when you enter a wrong PIN Code several times in a row. However, if you repeatedly enter one wrong PUK Code after the other, your CHIPPIE SIM-card will be permanently blocked. This means that you cannot use your CHIPPIE SIM-card anymore. In this case you must buy a new CHIPPIE SIM-card.

A PIN Code (Personal Identification Number) is a secret personal code of 4 digits that you can use to block your phone. By doing this, you prevent others to make calls from your phone. 

When you buy a CHIPPIE SIM-card, the PIN Code is 0000. It is recommended to change this PIN Code as soon as you start using the SIM-card. 

When a phone is blocked with a PIN Code, you must use that PIN Code every time you turn on your phone. If you use a wrong PIN Code several times in a row, your phone will be blocked. In this case you must use your PUK Code to unblock your phone.

A SIM-card contains all information that allow us to identify your phone on our network. This unique information corresponds to you, like your phone number, type of accessible service (prepaid or postpaid).

Prepaid CHIPPIE cards are available all over the island in most stores that sell prepaid phone cards. Of course these can also be purchased at one of the UTS Client Service Centers or UTS cash desks. The prepaid cards can be purchased in $5, $10 and $20 denominations. 

You can recharge your GSM Chippie Prepaid account in various ways: 

  1. By purchasing a GSM Chippie Prepaid Card.
  2. By purchasing call credit at one of UTS' Client Service Centers or any of the UTS cash desks.
  3. By purchasing call credit with your Bankomatiko card through the Online recharge service of Windward Islands Banks or by using the Online banking service WIB@Home.
  4. By recharging via SMS 1111, through the Easycharge service of Windward Islands Bank

Through the SMS service you can send messages of a maximum of 160 digits, directly from your cell phone to another mobile phone. It is good to consult the phone manual to check how this service functions on each phone.

In order to use the SMS service from a UTS/Chippie phone, it is necessary, when using the service for the first time, to enter the UTS Message Centre access code. The number of the UTS GSM Chippie Message Centre is: + 599 9 519 9300 (you must add the "+" too).

Voice Mail is the voice message recording service. You can access your voice Mail when at home and when you’re abroad. 

From Home

To listen to recorded messages on your Voice Mail Service, you must dial *99, and follow the instructions or you can dial 9 519 9400 and follow the instructions.

From abroad

You can also access your Voice Mail Service from abroad. In this case one must dial the following number: + 599 9 519 9400.

CHIPPIE is the name of the Cellular Phone Service of UTS. It is a highly advanced cellular phone service technology that offers reliable voice services as well as high-speed mobile internet service.



When back on the island, our customers will be connected automatically to our network, if the network selection on your phone is set to automatic. If your network is on manual, you need to select:

- Select Network
- Select Chippie or UTS (36291)

The voicemail is also operational with roaming, where UTS charges roaming costs for receiving voice mail calls. You can access your voicemail by dialing +5999- 519-9400.

If you want to temporarily deactivate your voicemail to avoid these charges, please call us at +1 721 588 1010 for more information.

Our friendly customer service center agents are happy to assist you with additional information on our Roaming service for prepaid and postpaid accounts. For information on how to get in touch with us please visit our contact page on this website.

The Roaming Service gives you the opportunity to travel to a foreign country with your mobile phone and be available on your local number. When you have a prepaid or postpaid mobile account, you do not have to apply for the Roaming Service. The Roaming Service is automatically activated. Roaming charges are significantly higher than your regular phone usage. In the case of postpaid service, your charges will be added to your monthly bill. On a prepaid account you will be charged from your prepaid account balance. Once your prepaid balance is depleted you will not be able to make or receive calls anymore. Your mobile internet service will also stop working, but you will still be able to connect to any open WiFi network to use your data-based applications and programs.


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