• Philippe Castagna‘ Project Coordinator at UTS

    “David makes everything understandable and logically linked. He provided me with a clearer view which will help me implement better and more efficiently the tools that he taught me.”
  • Sister Basilia Supervisory Staff

    “ ..very happy with the time we can talk during the course with the participants …. Also the frequent repetitions with the ‘tests’ are helping to ‘get it’.”
  • Kathy Snijders – Department Head Census Office

    “David, once again I did enjoy your teaching and more, I am happy to have learned something again. The practical things you bring with it give me a better view/picture”
  • Ton de Graaf ChBC™ - International Executive Coach, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Worldwide Coaching Magazine

    “Christine and David are a very professional couple who run their business with passion. Their background, experience and training will bring the highest quality to your business. I highly recommend them as they are true professionals.”
  • Monique Scholten - HR Project Manager at Sonesta Resorts - St. Maarten

    “I recommend training and motivational speaking from David to any company. While working for public education as an HR Officer we had training from this very inspiring gentlemen for an entire week. He knows how to tackle problems on the workfloor and provides the right tools for a more successful and positive working environment. I have learned a lot from his training sessions and am still using the feedback burger haha”
  • Paul O'Leary Feb 2016 - Chartered MIPD, MILM, AMBCS,Member AEA, Lead Consultant and Owner, Apogee Business Solutions

    "Having worked with Christine and David on two occasions within the last three months (as a contract trainer) they have made my visits, on both visits, both enjoyable, but more importantly successful. As well as being probably the most charming couple I have met for a very long time, they are also extremely professional, with an eye for detail that cannot be surpassed. Their training company and premises are run to a very high standard and I have no hesitation in recommending them as a trusted, reliable and yet innovative training company. "
  • Jennifer Carty-de Lima

    “Professional training sessions with the most effective results for your business!”
  • Lisette Riley : head nurse Saba Healthcare

    Quote “ He has surely helped me open my mind and eyes a little bit more. Giving me more tips and tools to help me better at the job I love to do. Like you said David.... "A well sculpted vase that just needs some touches" Thanks for an amazing and useful training……
  • Kees van Oort

    “Fantastic trainers! very recommendable”
  • Sislene Mathews : Saba Healthcare Foundation

    “Bless to be able sit in a room and take notes, get and give feedback and not be bored or can't believe it’s time to go home already ; and every day get a quote or quotes to carry you thru ur day or life-time. Got me feeling honored to be part of this learning experience .And today's quote is "Professional courtesy is the minimal acceptable standard of communication in any organization between colleagues" wow a powerful one ! “
  • Nemesia Blackman : Saba Healthcare Foundation

    Another great accomplishment I made today a great work shop and David oh David you are indeed a true motivator I have not yet met anyone as Great as you and I can tell by your motivating skills that your a truly genuine person and everything that you do and say comes from the heart !! This training has been one training that I definitely can never forget, it was a great experience and never a dull moment. David really brings out the best in you , brings out the best part of you that was once scared to show and once you are willing to take all that he teaches in and accept it , it will change your entire mindset and you will forever be thinking on the steps you take before reacting. Job well done I LOVED THIS TRAINING
  • Ruud Koopman

    Not only very professional in terms of content, excellence in hospitality and behavioral coaching.
  • Marc Groeneveld

    Training for Professionals upgraded to the next level, great sessions for management and staff to get ahead and move forward!